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At Houston Hermetics the reman­u­fac­tur­ing process begins with every com­pres­sor being com­pletely dis­as­sem­bled and thoroughly-cleaned. After clean­ing, all tol­er­ances such as crank­shaft jour­nal dimen­sions, cylin­der bore size, pis­ton diam­e­ter, etc. are checked to be within spec­i­fi­ca­tions. Any part not within tol­er­ance is replaced or repaired

All bear­ings, pis­ton rings, springs and valves are replaced with new parts
Every valve plate is dis­as­sem­bled, cleaned, resur­faced and reassem­bled with new valve reeds
Defective motors are stripped and rewound using her­metic approved wire, insu­la­tion and epoxy resin
All motors are thor­oughly cleaned and tested using a Hi­Pot/Surge and Core Loss Tests to ensure reliability
After reassem­bly, every com­pres­sor is test run to check amper­age draw, oil pres­sure, valve and unloader oper­a­tion, etc. The com­pres­sors are then dehy­drated, pres­sure tested, and painted. All aspects of this work, with the excep­tion of ‚crank­shaft grind­ing and repair, is done “in-house” to insure com­pli­ance with standards

Compressors reman­u­fac­tured by Houston Hermetics come with a one year lim­ited war­ranty against defects in work­man­ship and materials.